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Marathon Electric Motors Arrow TEFC
Stator frames are made of elegant looking, rugged cast iron enclosure. Foot mounted motors are provided with integrally cast feet. Maximum cooling surface is obtained by quadrangular disposition of cooling ribs. Frame sizes D80- D132M have reversible stator frame housing, offering terminal box position at either Right or left hand side. For frame sizes D160M-D355L this series offers an unique feature of 3 optional positions of terminal box - RHS/LHS or TOP. For frame sizes D160M-D250M this is obtained by asymmetric arrangement of terminal box position towards D.E. side, facilitating relocation of terminal box without reversing the stator frame. For frame sizes D280M - D355L the TOP position of terminal box is asymmetrically located towards D.E. side while the other terminal box positions are located centrally at side. RHS/LHS position of terminal box is obtained by reversing the stator-rotor assembly. Class 'F' insulation system is used. However, motors are designed to operate within class 'B' (120ÂșC) temperature limits thus enhancing the reliability and life. This temperature margin allows the motors to be operated at :
Bharat Bijlee
» Increased load
» Increased ambient temperature
» Higher altitude
» Supply variation greater than normal
» A combination of the above.

However, in order to ensure trouble free operation with long thermal life, selection should be based on normal site conditions as mentioned above.


Output 2 Pole 4 Pole 6 Pole 8 Pole
  0.75 Kw - 315Kw 0.75 Kw - 315Kw 0.55 Kw - 250Kw 0.37 Kw - 220Kw

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